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Refund Policy

All deposits for projects are non-refundable. All deposits and payments are non-transferable to a new project and a separate deposit will be required for work to begin.

All further payments can be refunded within thirty (30) days or prior to the next payment date in the following conditions have not been met:

  • Failure to produce product

  • Failure to make contact with client in reasonable amount of time

  • Unsatisfactory work

We are not responsible for unforeseen circumstances, or circumstances out of our control and refunds will not be granted under those conditions. 

In order to request a refund please contact and you will receive a response within 72 hours.


Projects can not be canceled once the final payment date has been established. Canceling a project constitutes a forfeiture of funds paid into the project and releases you from any other financial obligations to the project. Cancelation of projects must be submitted via email to and you will receive a response within 72 hours. 

Postponement Policy

All projects may be postponed for unforeseen circumstances on the clients behalf. All funds that have been paid into the project will be preserved and a new deposit will not have to be paid. All projects can be postponed for up to one (1) year. To postpone a project please contact us via email at and you will receive a response within 72 hours.

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